For sometime I’ve been meaning to pick up a pair of skates. So yesterday I found a great used pair and picked them up. I think they have only been used once and had never been sharpened. Now I have not been on a pair of skates for over 10 years and never was a very good skater. But today Alex and I went skating at the Acadia arena. Alex kept telling me that she was going to teach me to skate and she was worried other people were going to laugh at me hahaha.

Well it went better than I thought. I didn’t fall once, came close a couple of times though. Even though I didn’t fall I was still pretty shaky. Alex can certainly skate circles around me. She is a great skater and she loves to do it. It was great getting out and doing something just me and her. We go places a lot but usually it is just driving in the car not actually doing something. Hopefully we will be able to get out a bunch more while there is still ice.

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