Happy Birthday Jen

Well Jen’s birthday was a very busy day, but it was a fun time. It started out a little rough, we were supposedly trying to let Jen sleep in but it didn’t work out so well. We did manage to make a nice pancake breakfast for her though.

After lunch we headed into Acadia to watch Max and Ruby. The kids had a good time there, and the show ended up being better than I had imagined. They performed a couple stories from the TV show and had lots of songs with actions for the kids to join in with.

We went directly from the show into the city for a birthday party with the Fields family. We had a visit first before the party and then headed over to the theatre for the actual birthday. The kids had a great time playing and visiting. Right when we got to the Fields house they got dropped off a third rabbit. Alex carried it around for a long time and all the girls liked feeding the other bunnies as well.


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