First 10k Run

My pace as really been improving lately in the 5k. Yesterday I had my best pace yet of 5:14 min/km.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I would like to work out to 10k. This morning my son had me awake earlier than normal so I had some extra time. I decided to take advantage and to see how far I could go if I slowed my pace down a bit.

I figured I might make it to 7k which I would have been happy with. But I made it to 7k and still felt really good so I kept going. When I came around to 10k I was ecstatic. I couldn’t stop smiling even though I was pretty worn out.

A little more than 5k is the longest I had gone before but I was able to go up to 10 just by slowing down a bit. Very excited.

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