The 5:2 or Fasting Diet

Today is the start of my second week trying out the 5:2 or fasting diet, so far I quite like it.

A couple days ago I managed to have a brief conversation with one of my neighbours who has been doing the diet for about a year. His wife is still doing it but he has fallen off. Neither of them had any negative things to say except that in the beginning they did find on the fast days they were hungry. They typically stuck with Monday and Thursday as the fast days. He said after a while when Sunday night rolled around he was looking forward to fasting Monday and felt he needed it.

They also experienced how and when they took in their limited calories on the fast days. They started out how I’m doing it, three very small meals at regular meal times. They found this made them too hungry and instead moved to one meal late in the afternoon.

I’m still doing good with three small meals so think I’ll stick to this, at least for now.

As always there are mixed reactions to this diet. But even negative articles like this one, “The 5:2 diet con: why there’s a better option that starving yourself silly” say that it appears the science may have some merrit behind it, both for weight loss and the other health benefits.

The author feels there are better ways to do it, and that very likely could be true. However the negatives he mentions in this article aren’t anything I’ve experienced so far.

Like my neighbours, I haven’t noticed any major downsides. On the fasting days I’m not too hungry, I still have good energy and even run and workout without issues or being tired.

The other thing he mentioned is that people could develop food obsessions or overeat on non fasting days. I’m sure this could happen but I think I had a bit of a food obsession before anyway and I have it more under control now. For the most part I haven’t overeaten on non fast days, except yesterday but I’m hoping that was an exception as it was Father’s day and I was being treated. I certainly did over do it though.

The good thing I think is that overeating really did effect me now. Whereas in the past I constantly overate and it didn’t bother me at all. My body certainly let me know last night, and even this morning that it didn’t like how much I put into it. Today will be a much better day.

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