Social Running

Running for me has been a solo thing to do since I started. It’s great I don’t have to depend on anyone I can just go. Put in some headphones and run. I can go at what ever pace I want, I don’t have to worry about holding anyone up or slowing myself down to try and match pace with anyone else.

It’s also that time alone where I can really just clear my head and not think about anything at all for the most part. Take in the scenery around me and just run.

Now that I’m a little more comfortable with my running ability I’ve been doing a bit more of the social running. And you know what? I really enjoy it too. I’ve only done about five runs with other people, but they’ve all be enjoyable.

Lately we’ve been doing some trail runs and they are really fun. So much different than the flat groomed routes I’ve been taking. You have to pay attention to where you’re feet are landing, there have been lots of fallen trees climbed over, and a fair amount of hills involved as well.

I’m still pretty self conscious as I’m the slowest one typically when I go out. So I really do feel that I’m holding people back, but I’m getting over it and getting better as well.

Having other people to run with helps push me along and I’m even getting pretty good at holding a conversation when out of breath.

So there is room for both, my solo runs where I can have some time in my own head, and runs with other people  where I can share the experience with others as well. I guess I just like running.

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