Home Again

Last post I made near the beginning of our vacation I was pretty optimistic that I would arrive home and be at my goal weight.

Things were going well. I was behaving myself when it came to eating, I had gotten out on a run and our daily activities were keeping me going.

That didn’t last long enough. I only made it out on one more run after that, and my eating habits sucked. We ended up eating out a fair amount, and that was things like greasy pizza and big hamburgers.

We also ended up buying more snack foods and taking them with us in the car. This made it way to easy for me to grab something and eat it down. I did it way to often.

Now we’re home and I’m pretty sure I actually ended up gaining weight on this vacation. What a disappointment that is all my own fault. I’m going to have to work hard just to get back to where I was.

I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning and then I’ll know for sure just how much I’ve set myself back.

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