Why you should use WordPress.com

This is something I’ve given some thought to recently as well. Dan does a great job explaining the benefits of WordPress.com.

If you need a new website you should really check it out.

Daniel Danilov


After starting working at Automattic, I was surprised just at how little we advertise WordPress.com. Sure, we power ~24% of the sites, across WordPress.com and WordPress.org software. Yep, a quarter of all the sites available are currently run by some version of WordPress. However, after trying to simply Google “Why should I use WordPress.com”, or “Why should you use WordPress.com”, or “Benefits of using WordPress.com”, I was surprised to find out that neither of those answer the right question. What you do get instead:

* Why you should use WordPress.org.

* Why you should use WordPress.org plugins.

* Differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

* Random pages from WordPress.com support forums.

This sucked to find out. I’ve been working with WordPress.com for the past couple of months, and in all honesty, it could probably be ideal for 70% of all the people who are looking to build a site. The rest might benefit more…

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