Weekend Emergency Room

Heading out in the middle of a cold, snowy Saturday night to take a child to the emergency room is never a fun thing. Oh wait it’s Sunday morning, I always forget the day changes even if you don’t sleep.

Poor Alexandria seems to be suffering from a migraine, at least that is our best guess based on the symptoms. For a while we thought it might be the flu, or an over reaction to a bad headache. Once 4:00 am rolled around though, and she was still awake and crying in pain, the pain meds we were giving her not seeming to help, it was time to go.

Now we are in a hospital room, her with an IV for pain meds and to replenish her liquids. She’s now dosing in and out of sleep so I’m guessing this is working. I sure hope this takes away her pain, it’s awful watching one of your children and not really be able to do anything to help.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Emergency Room

    1. Thanks Rachel. It seems to be her first migraine and it ended up getting really bad. Enough to cause her to vomit and the doctor said that had her a little dehydrated.

      She just woke up a about half an hour ago and she seems to be doing much better now. She wanted something to eat and get a nice bath. That’s where she is now. 🙂

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