Easter Egg Hunt and Game Day

Yesterday we got together with Friends and Family for what has become an annual Easter Egg hunt. Looking back it seems like we started in 2010. Starting out I was a little disappointed that we were going to have to hold it indoors this year as there is still far to much snow to be hiding eggs outside. The temperature felt like Spring yesterday but it still doesn’t look like it.

There was tonnes of great food and treats that everyone brought. While the kids were playing some of the grown ups were able to play some games. I love Settlers of Catan and was actually able to win the game of that we played. Also played my first game of chess in many years and with some really sloppy mistakes managed to win that game too. Once everything was winding down the Risk board was brought out. It’s been over 15 years since I played Risk but four of us stayed and played. My armies were destroyed quite early on in the game but it was still fun to watch and hopefully I learned some things and will do better next time.

Here are some pictures of the last few years of our Easter get togethers.

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