Finally feeling like Spring

It finally feels like Spring has arrived. The snow is starting to melt and I’m actually getting to see my front lawn again. Although it has lots of gravel on it, I’d rather that than snow.

I’ve been using the bench in the front yard as a bit of measuring stick judging how much snow was out there. At some point in between Feb. 6th and April it was completely covered for a while so I couldn’t really judge how much was there then.

Now that a lot of the snow is gone it’s a lot easier to get out for walks with the kids. Yesterday we were able to walk along the waterfront in Wolfville for a bit. It was really nice to be able to do this. It hopefully helped counteract the treats we had from Tim Hortons right before this. Alex had a Nutella filled doughnut. Could be the cause of the dance show they put on in the gazebo.

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