I’m Home!

As great as the staff at the hospital all were I’m very happy to be back home! As it turns out it wasn’t an abscess in my throat as was the original thought. It turns out that it was cellulitis. It got below the skin and was affecting the tissue and spreading that way.

Not quite completely done yet, I have more antibiotics that I need to keep taking and I need to follow up with my family doctor early in the week just to make sure things are still progressing properly. But the fact that I’m home, showered and cleaned up, I’m a happy guy right now. The doctor says I need to take it easy for the next 7 to 10 days which won’t be ideal when it comes to my exercise routine I was getting myself back into before this happened.

Oh well tonight I’ll concentrate on getting caught up on the things I need to around here and then get back to work tomorrow. The week or so will go by quickly and then I’ll be back on track again!

Thanks everyone for the messages and well wishes!

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