Backyard Wildlife

The view from my office window is great. Our backyard always has some critter running around out there it seems. There are lots of birds flying and singing. A few weeks back the big attractions was watching the squirrels sneaking around, climbing and jumping.

We have deer who are semi regular visitors. As the clover gets growing more in the yard I expect them to make more regular appearances again like they did last year. Pheasants are a pretty regular sight to see as well.

Deer visiting in the front yard.
Deer visiting in the front yard last year.

In the past few days we’ve had some new friends join us though. We’ve randomly caught glimpses of them in the past but they seem to be hanging around a lot more now. Wild rabbits. Maybe they like to come visit our pet rabbits, but they were inside when I caught this little one out there this morning.

Visiting Rabbit
Visiting Rabbit

Out of all the critters we do get out there, my favourite are watching and listening to the the kids playing back there.

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