Day one was long

Yesterday we spent a little over 13 hours on the road. Not all of it driving though as we made some stops. The kids did amazing!

The only hurdle we hit was with our cell phones. We planned to get some prepaid plans from Verizon. As soon as we crossed the border into Houlton ME we stopped at Walmart and picked up a couple. 

By the time we made it to Bangor and we still had no service, there was obviously something wrong. We found a Best Buy and they tried to help but couldn’t. They sent me to the actually Verizon store where I was told our phones would not work on their network. I had checked their website before we left and it said they would be compatible. 

You can’t return SIM cards to Walmart so now we have two useless cards and are out over $100 right off the bat. Luckily after wasting a lot of time between different stores and on the phone AT&T were able to get us setup and working within minutes. 

If this is the only off thing this trip I’ll take it!

Last night was a little interesting with us all in a hotel room. Noah was a bit excited and wasn’t looking to go to sleep. Everyone else tried to stay quiet so he could. It ended up meaning an early night for all of us which isn’t bad. 

Today is a much shorter travel day. Looking forward to some fun. 

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