First Halifax WordPress Meetup

Tonight I attended my first ever WordPress meetup. When I found out that Alison and Tara were organizing a meetup in Halifax I was very excited. Seeing co-workers going to meetups and WordCamps talking with others who are either passionate about, or wanting to know more and learn about WordPress had me a bit envious.

It was a really great evening, the first talk was about the differences between and This is a complicated topic that has a fair amount of confusion around it and they did a great job at laying things out.

Over the years I’ve helped people in person to use WordPress but it was really neat tonight to get to engineer some happiness in person and I look forward to doing more of it in the future as well. I’m far from an outgoing person, but I found it really easy to talk to everyone tonight and can even see myself doing a talk at some point.

One of the highlights of the evening for me was when I introduced myself and my job title someone said, “that sounds made up.”

Thanks again to the organizers and everyone who came out. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again.

One thought on “First Halifax WordPress Meetup

  1. Sandy, I would’ve found that first talk very interesting! When I was first thinking of starting a blog back in June, I read something, somewhere (!) that spelled out some of the differences between and, but the article must’ve done a very poor job of it… because when I proudly told my daughter (another Happiness Engineer as you know!) that I decided to put the blog on, she was very adamant that, NO, I should not do that! Apparently my rudimentary computer skills would have had problems with it there. Good thing I listened – I’m finding some aspects of blogging here at challenging enough. Ha… but it’s all good, I *love* blogging, and reading others’ stuff too!


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