Happy Birthday Caile

September is a busy month in our house for Birthday’s. There’s Noah, my Father In Law, Alexandria, and today is Caile’s day! My little Caile turns eleven today.

She’s growing into a wonderful person with a great sense of humor, compassion, and a little smarty pants as well. Tonight when we were driving together and she was teaching me a bit of French. It’s almost pumpkin people time here and they are starting to set them up, but none of them have any heads yet. So she was teaching me sentences and conjugating verbs. Sentences like these:

Il n’a pas une tête (He doesn’t have a head). Je ne ai pas une tête (I don’t have a head). Il a une grosse tête (He has a big head). Il avait une tête (He had a head).

She thought I was pretty strange asking how to say all these different sentences and figured I probably wouldn’t ever be able to use them. Ha, I showed her, I used them in this post.

She’s also more organized than me. The other day we were rushing out the door to go meet the rest of the family. As we were driving she asked me, why are we rushing? It was 10:20, so I told her, we need to be there for 10:30 we’re going to be late. She laughed at me, it doesn’t start till 11:00. Guess who was right.

Happy eleventeenth birthday Caile!

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