First Kickstarter Reward Arrived

Yesterday I received my reward for backing my first Kickstarter campaign ever. Before I found this randomly in one of my social media feeds I had been looking at a way to to get some USB outlets in my home so I didn’t need to find chargers. There always seems to be an abundance of charging cables but never the actual chargers. Looking around online and in stores I couldn’t find anything affordable enough that looked OK, and would work.

Luckily I came across the Snap Power Charger Kickstater. This seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. A small low profile outlet cover instead of something that you plugged in and stick out the existing outlet. The best thing is it requires no wiring, you simply take the old cover off and put the new one in!

During the campaign I choose a $24 option that gave me two covers. Now that I installed these two I wish I had gotten more. The project was completely funded in May 2015, and they arrived today which seems like a pretty quick turn around time to me.

The installation of these things took me literally like a minute at most. I put one in my office where I charge things frequently, and one in the living room where the kids charge things. The one mishaps I had was I tried it on an outlet where the bottom plug is controlled by a switch so we can turn on and off a lamp, or Christmas tree when it is plugged in. This caused the USB charger to only work if the switch was on too. Not a big deal, because I just swapped it to another spot instead.


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