It’s Pumpkin People Time and Everything is Awesome

We live in an agriculture and rural area of Nova Scotia, so Fall is a big time of year. We celebrate the harvest and there are plenty of events on the go all the time. It might be heading to the farm markets for some fun activities, or a visit to one of the many corn mazes that are setup.

Each year my town of Kentville celebrates the season with the Harvest Festival which includes the Pumpkin People. This years theme is Lego! The town themselves build many displays but they also give away the supplies so that residents can participate and make their own. We’ve made our own a couple times but didn’t get to it this year. The last year we did it the theme was technology so we made a group using Apple devices.

The kids especially love each year going to see and pose with the different pumpkin people. It also brings in a bunch of tourists and other visitors each year to come and tour the extra residents that show up. In years past when running near morning when it is still a bit dark out these guys have been known to scary me pretty good when they first get setup. This year I’ve only been out when it is more light so there hasn’t been any jumping when I come around a corner and see an orange face looking at me.

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