Where Has The Time Gone?

For those of you not in Nova Scotia we have both a vehicle registration that has to be renewed every two years as well as a safety inspection by a mechanic every two years.

The end of November is when our registration was due to one of our vehicles. Today my wife went online and paid that fee shortly before she left to pick up the kids from school. On her way she called me, guess what I looked at our inspection sticker and it ran out in August. I questioned her about it and she responded, yeah it’s marked off as expiring in August 2016. I can’t believe we let it go this long.

My reply was well if that one is expired than so is my car. I knew the registrations were opposite years for the two, but the inspections were the same year. She called and booked an appointment to get it inspected for tomorrow.

Shortly after Jen arrived home I had to leave to pick up our oldest at school so I hopped in my car. Before I left I looked at the sticker and said to myself, wow she was right it does expire in 2016. Wait a second. Back into the house I went. Jen a couple of things, are you able to pass me my phone I forgot it on the counter? Thanks, next what year is it? She replied, 2015. Right. Slight pause.

Somehow we both managed to skip ahead a year. So instead of being really late for our inspections we would have been quite early instead. Luckily we had to get something done to the vehicle anyway so we just changed the appointment with the mechanic to cancel the inspection part.

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