Running Progress

In early November I set a new goal to hit 500km in running before the end of the year. That meant that I have to run 25km per week to get there. In the beginning I was doing very well, lately I seem to be making it to the end of the week and having to put in a longer run to make the 25km.

Even though I’m pushing it to close to the end, I’m still getting it done. Today I ran 10km and with the three other 5km runs I had this week I just barely hit my 25km. November I made it to 103km, which took me to just over 400km since July. That means just under 100km again for December and I’m there.


I’ve quite enjoyed this goal as there’s no set number of runs or pace that I’ve given myself, just get in the distance. For the most part I’ve been enjoying the runs. I just need to get back ahead of things so I’m not feeling the pressure at the end of each week.

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