I’ve Created a Monster

JK model (30)Pretty sure I’ve helped create a monster, a leggings monster. For sometime now the ladies in our house have become very enthusiastic about leggings. It’s become one of the primary pieces of clothing in each of their wardrobes.

A few weeks ago Jen even hosted a leggings party at our house. An independent representative from JK Apparel brought her inventory of leggings over and Jen invited a bunch of people over to try them on and buy them. It was a successful party I’d say.

Last week I had the opportunity to work a bit answering some support questions for WooCommerce. I setup a few test sites so I could play and while digging in and learning things I really wanted to learn more. To motivate me I wanted to find something I could actually sell in a live store so I could set it up and maintain it a bit. It also could be anything that would take any real time and that’s when it hit me.

It took very little convincing to have Jen sign up to be a rep for JK Apparel as well. Her first shipment of leggings and other things are on their way. Since I put the idea in her head it’s taken up a lot of the conversations in the house. Jens been calculating, planning, and organizing getting ready to hit he ground running. There is no doubt in my mind that she’s going to do awesome in this venture and I love seeing her so excited about it.

It also makes me happy that I’ll get to play more with WooCommerce but not have to do any of the actual work involved with processing orders 🙂

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