Wapuu Face Painting

This weekend we’ve been celebrating my nephew Gavin turning one year old! We started the day at Ross Farm Museum to get together with a bunch of friends. It lined up perfectly with our annual tradition of planting pumpkins which we can then come back later in the year to pick up.

As I’ve mentioned before our family likes Wapuu. When we first arrived both my niece Kaitlyn and I were wearing our Wapuunk t-shirts. I hadn’t worn mine in a while but figured a kids birthday party was a good time to break out a fun shirt like that. I guess Katie agreed with me 🙂

Later that night we got together again for a BBQ and backyard fire at my sisters house. Alexandria has a few face painting jobs coming up so she asked if she could bring along her paints to get some practice in. She didn’t bring any designs just asked the kids each what they wanted. Katie choose to get Wapuunk! Alex did a great job, if it hadn’t been getting close to time to leave I would have gotten one too so we really matched.

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