Helpful Kids!

Last night we celebrated Canada Day and a friends little boys birthday party with a big crowd of awesome families! It was our first time at their home but it is located in a beautiful area. They have a big old yard that the kids all ran around in. We sat around a big fire cooking s’mores and chatting. At the end of the night they set off an impressive display of fireworks!

During one of the conversations we ended up talking about kids chores and it is always interesting to hear how other families do this. There are times I feel like our kids could pitch in more around the house and take on more responsibility and hearing from other families I may be right.

Our kids are very helpful though. It is rare that much of a stink is put up when we ask them to do their chores, or ask them to help out with extra things which may not be in their normal list.

For example the other night Jen and most of the kids went out and picked a flat of strawberries at a u-pick close by. Picking strawberries is not the funnest task in the world but they all went and had a good time and now we all get to share in eating the delicious berries!

This afternoon we went out and watched the movie The BFG. It was a really well done movie with a great story by Roald Dahl. It was a lot of fun, but by the time we got home it was already after our usual dinner time.

The kids all pitched in right away. Ella and Noah came out side with me to the garden where we gathered some baby spinach leaves to use for supper. This is the first bit of anything we’ve taken out of the garden so far this year. So rewarding! They had both helped plant it to begin with so just a really neat experience.

Inside Caile was making tea biscuits, with just the slightest help from Jen, for our dessert of strawberry shortcake. When back in Ella helped cut up wash and mash the berries for this as well. The best part of it is none of them were asked to do any of this, they all just wanted to! In the end we ate a delicious dinner with an equally good dessert that they all played a hand in help make and prepare.

So while sometimes I think they could do a bit more, I’m very thankful for my kids and their usual desire to help out around the house.

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