13 years ago…

I wouldn’t be able to express things as well as Jen has here. I’m a very lucky person and am looking forward to what the rest of lives together bring us.

I Dream of Summer

Next month, February, Sandy and I will have met 16 years ago! I started working at the Call Center where he was already employed. My first shift out of training, we spoke and that was the first of many conversations for us. I was in an unhealthy relationship at the time and Sandy was in a relationship as well, but was unhappy. We developed a friendship over time by being able to share frustrations and emotions with each other. It was nice to vent to someone who was also struggling in their relationship. My relationship ended and I moved to on the dating world. We remained friends. Sandy was always someone I could speak to no matter what was happening in my life.

One day, a year and a half ish after we became friends Sandy showed up at work with as many of his belongings as he could fit…

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