Easy task, all gone wrong

Today was the day I was finally going to take care of a task I’d been putting off for a while. Getting the winter tires off my and my daughters car.

This is a pretty easy task that I’ve done a bunch, thanks mostly to good friends who loan me their floor Jack and electric ratchet, but not much went right doing it today.

The first thing was finding a screw in one of my tires that I was about to put on, it was completely flat. Couldn’t find a place open to fix it today. I resorted to going and buying the tools and supplies to plug it myself.

Get it plugged, go fill it up with air, come back and go to put it on, and the Jack won’t work. Looks like it’s leaking hydraulic fluid. Find a new similar one on sale at the same store I was at earlier to get things to fix the tire. Thankfully Jen was running errands so she stopped in to pick it up for me.

She gets back with it and I go out to finish changing that last tire, but she accidentally grabbed the wrong one. So back in I went to return it and get the new one. Back home and change that tire and then switch to get started on my daughters.

That’s when I notice the two indentations in the driveway itself. Things were so warm that the driveway got soft and the wheels on the Jack sunk into the driveway.

With the help of a piece of plywood I managed to get things all changed. So the task is done, but something that should have taken an hour turned into an almost all day ordeal and fairly expensive. With the luck today I’m almost scared to drive the cars now.

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