Good and busy weekend

As luck would have it most of our weekends have worked out really well to not have both basketball tournaments and dance competitions falling at the same time. This weekend was the exception.

Thankfully the basketball tournament is one that we hosted ourselves, so not far from home. The dance competition was in Halifax so a little over an hour away, but close enough that though it required some late nights, it can be driven back and forth without the need for a hotel.

We have a lot of great people around us who helped make the weekend a success and possible. The group of coaches we have for Noah’s basketball team are just the best, together with the other families they made sure the tournament ran smoothly.

We had friends and family who joined us in celebrating our kids and their accomplishments by coming and cheering them on at both basketball and dance. We also had friends who helped make it possible for me to make it to all of Noahs’ basketball games by coming and taking care of Ezra. Caile stayed home on Saturday night so I could go in and catch one of Ellas’ dances as well. I really am so grateful for everyone.

Our team did well in the tournament. They fought hard and won the first three games to put us in the finals, but met our match there to come in second.

Noah had a really good tournament personally with some of the best all-around basketball I’ve seen him play. I think some of it came from a bit of a grudge. A couple of weekends ago we were at another tournament where we split a pair of games against a team. One of his friends ended up showing him a TikTok video that one of the players from the other team posted that had him hitting a three-pointer over top of Noah. Noah had played well those games too including hitting three three-pointers in one game and four in the other. But he was glad we were able to meet this team again in the semi-finals of our tournament. He ended up getting Player of the Game for that one.

We live in rural Nova Scotia Canada. We’ve only ever had two people from our province play in the NBA, Lindell Wigginton who is with the Bucks right now, and Nate Darling who played some with the Hornets on a two-way and had a good season playing for the Clippers G-League team this year.

Nate showed up Saturday morning because we were playing his little brother’s team. Noah hit a couple good threes and guarded his brother a lot through the game. We ended up winning by one point.

Nate congratulated Noah and told him he was a good shooter. Really made his day and boosted his confidence.

The tournament ended on a bit of a downer with the loss, but also in the first few minutes of the game Noah took a charge and ended up hitting his head pretty hard. He didn’t end up going back into the game after that. He’s feeling fine now besides being tired.

Here are a few short Noah highlight videos from the semi-finals game.

Noah grabs a defensive rebound and takes it all the way to the other end but misses a layup, we get the rebound and it swings back around to Noah who takes his man but misses a floater. We get another rebound that makes it back out to Noah again where he hits a three.
Early into the game Noah is left pretty open and drains a three.
Noah catches a steal and takes it back the other way for a layup

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