First Camping Trip

For the past couple of years I’ve been slowly buying some supplies for camping. Lots of our friends and family love to camp and have been trying to get us to join them.

We’ve been doing day trips to meet up with them and do the fun things without having to set up, tear down, or go through the night in a sleeping bag. Last year we had a few nights booked but ended up canceling because of weather. We did spend one night in our friends backyard, but that’s not really camping.

This year we booked two nights at Kejimkujik National Park, or Keji for short. Sunday the whole family came down and spent the day. We did some hikes and got our camp site all set up. We also got a good swim before supper.

After supper everyone else left except for Noah and I. We got a good bike ride in during the evening before having a game of flashlight tag.

Sleep was rough. This was the part Noah was dreading. It was not comfortable, just all the little noises like people, wind, and critters, kept us a wake for a while, and it was really warm. We were then up good and early as well. We started off with some coffee for me and hot chocolate for Noah and that got us going. Camp fire pancakes thanks to friends helped too.

Our crew went and raided the equipment rentals taking 11 kayaks and a canoe out for the morning into the afternoon. We paddled over to a bit of a sand bar clearing area where we had our packed lunches and a swim before heading back.

Before supper three of us went out on a great ride through some of the trails and back to the camp ground. There were some parts which felt rough, and maybe more then what my poor hybrid bike should have gone through, but it was a lot of fun. The trails along the Mercey River especially were beautiful. I was pretty sore at the end of it all though.

After supper all the kids and a couple brave adults played a game of capture the flag. This ended our camping trip a bit early. Noah took a bad fall and scrapped himself up pretty good and hurt his wrist. We went back to the camp site and iced it to see if it would start to feel better all all, but pretty quickly it was clear it wasn’t going to. Everyone helped me quickly pack up our site and him and I headed home.

By the time we got back he just wanted to get cleaned up and get some sleep so that’s what we did. This morning I took him to the hospital to have it checked out.

Broken wrist will likely slow down the rest of summer. He may get really good with his left hand for basketball though.

3 thoughts on “First Camping Trip

  1. Oh noo! I was reading going “Yeah! Great camping! Alright!” and then – yikes!!! Poor Noah! Hope he heals quickly and doesn’t suffer too too much!


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