Division 2 Champions

Years of hard work paid off today for our basketball team the Valley Spartans. The young men captured the Division 2 Championship today for our Metro League basketball season. We finished the regular season in second place having lost to the first-place team twice.

We had two tough games today where we first played a team that we beat during our league play, but lost two games to them just recently in exhibition games. It was a battle today and our boys just didn’t give up or let off. They played some excellent defense, the shots were falling, and we ended up winning 77-66. That took us to the championship game against the first-place team. They are a great team and I always enjoy our games against them. We practice hard and expect a lot, it all came out in this game and we won 60-46.

For some of this team, I’ve been helping coach them for seven years. Almost half their lives. They’ve grown from boys into confident, hard-working, dedicated young men and I couldn’t be prouder of how they handle themselves. We’ve had this Spartans team for about five years. There have been some changes in players along the way, but a lot have been consistent the whole time. While I think these boys have gotten a lot out of this program I know I have gained a lot from being a part of this group myself.

I’ve Learned a lot about basketball, and coaching, but have also gained friends with the other coaches and parents. It’s a true community. We come together for fundraising and occasional fun as well. Everyone has the best interest of the boys in mind, and it’s just so nice to be a part of it.

Earlier this week I went and got a little tribute to this team. My second tattoo is our team logo. One of the parents owns Everlasting Ink, he had given me my first one and did a great job on this as well. I’m so happy with it.

Valley Spartans logo tattoo

I’ll be sad when our time with this team comes to an end, but there’s still lots of basketball left this year, and I know regardless of what happens a lot of these guys will be playing basketball together for years to come.

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