Spring day and not so naked gardening

It felt like spring yesterday! It was about 12 degrees Celsius and sunny. Seeing as I procrastinated for way to long doing our taxes again this year I didn’t get to enjoy nearly as much of the day as I would of liked. 

For the morning and part of the afternoon I spent my day sorting through a years worth of paper work and calculating numbers out on the computer screen. It eventually came together and was able to get them submitted. 

It was supposed to be my last Saturday’s job but that would have been hard to do from a hospital bed. Luckily there was some mistake made in some notice that went out from the Canada Revenue Agency so there was an extension on the filing deadline. So it turns out I didn’t get them in late. 

Once that was all done I was able to spend some time outside in the yard. Managed to get some of the lawn raked and the rocks back in the driveway. Still more to do there but got a good start.

As it was apparently World Naked Gardening Day we did some gardening as well. Cleaned out the beds from last year and dug a new one in the front yard. Don’t worry though, my neighbours were safe as I did it all fully clothed. 

I’m not opposed to doing things naked, in private that is. However even if was completely secluded and warm enough outside I don’t think gardening is one of those things. All I can picture is dirt in bad places and rose bushes or other prickly plants causing pain.