Defiant Squash

This spaghetti squash has been cut back a number of times because it kept trying to get in with the tomatoes. The other day we came out to find it made it’s way back in with them again. This time it started to produce a squash. The main problem is that it’s way up in the air. Hopefully the tomato cage will hold it up, but some of the other ones, which grew along the ground as they should, are getting quite big. Not sure of the fate of this defiant squash.

Defiant Squash
The ground is your home, don’t you like your home?


For a guy who doesn’t overly enjoy gardening, and isn’t very good at it, I seem to have dedicated a fair amount of time to it this weekend.  It will be worth it though in the end. 

The waste resource management group here was giving away free compost yesterday. We took advantage and I went and shovelled a bunch into bags to bring it home. I was running short of time but luckily my sisters family was there at the same time and they helped me fill a bag or two as well. 

Today we went a picked up some tomato plants and some seeds for peas, beans, and zucchini. There are not many things I like better than eating peas right out of the garden so I’m hopefully the grow the most. 

When we arrived home I mixed all the compost into the garden where all these will go to give them a good base to start with. 

The boxwoods at the back of the yard took a beating this winter with all the snow sitting on top of them. Tried out the new trimmers and have them looking better now. 

Once we were done for the day and were watering a the existing things the peony is starting to come up. I was warned though that after being transplanted it might not bloom this year. My fingers are crossed that we at least get a few though.