Busy Weekend

This has been a busy but fun weekend. It started Friday night. We took the kids to go see the Easter Bunny at Greenwood mall. Ella, like at Christmas time, still wasn’t fond of going and sitting on a strange lap, so instead she sat on her big sisters lap and made out ok. I really like the Easter Bunny in Greenwood, I’ve seen pictures from other parents with their kids sitting on a scary looking bunny knee. Here’s an extreme example lol.

Saturday, Alex and I went to her last skate lesson of the season. She thought it was going to be more of a fun day but they actually made her work. It took a bit of coaxing by the coaches to get her trying her hardest but what worked was them telling her if she didn’t try hard they weren’t going to give her the badge for completing level 4. That is all she needed so she tried hard and did complete all requirements for level 4. She was very excited.

Today I spent the majority of my morning going through the ridiculous process of registering Alex for swimming lessons. There has to be a better way than how they do it. But I went and waited from 10:30 until 1:00 and got her registered in the right level and at the time we wanted. Some people arrived a little after 8:00 to ensure they got their preference. Oh yeah I should mention that the doors weren’t scheduled to open until 11:30 and the actual registration start at 12:30.

This afternoon we went over to my twin nieces first birthday party. It was a good time, all the kids had fun and I think the adults did to 😀

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