Toys R Us Loves Us

First off it’s been a while since I’ve written an update. It’s exam time so I’ve been very busy studying as often as I can so I can hopefully be prepared. I’ve finished 4 out of 5 so far and there was only one that I am not confident in. Unfortunately that one is the lone computer course I was taking this term.

Since my last update we’ve kept busy with other things besides studying. I last posted a little before Easter, so I’ll start there. We had a good Easter, the Easter Bunny brought lots of chocolately treats and some other goodies as well. Easter was about the same time we went on our online Toys R Us shopping spree. They do have some pretty good deals every once in a while. For Ella we ordered two Little People play sets, Caile got a Barbie Mariposa Fairy, and Alex got a Bratz scooter.

The Oaklawn Farm Zoo opened up right around Easter and we have been there twice so far as well. With a trip to the city we played a little glow in the dark mini put at the Putting Edge. You can see pictures from most of these events at our Gallery.

Back to our Toys R Us love affair, we also recently ordered a wagon so that we can take the girls for long walks and them not get too tired out. Plus it’s a good work out pulling a wagon with two kids in it behind you. After that order they showed is their love by sending us a 10% discount coupon on our next online purchase. So because Alex out grew her bike from last year, and Daddy got a new bike this year, we ordered her up a new one. She has been out driving around testing it out and says she loves it. She was sad when it was raining out this morning because she couldn’t ride it to school. But after supper it had cleared up so Jen took them all out for a walk with Caile and Ella in the wagon and Alex on her bike. All this fun while I was at school writing a Sociology exam.

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