School’s Out

It has been a rough semester but I now have four months to prepare for the next one. Overall the year ended better than I imagined. For a while I felt very confident that I would have to repeat at least one course. Fortunately that was not the case, I managed to squeak through a couple of rough ones. I was never in danger of actually failing a course, but for required courses a grade of C- or greater is needed to count towards a degree.

With all said and done this year I finished with a GPA of 3.0 and combined with last year it stands at 3.26 which is equal to a grade of B. If circumstances were different I’m certain I could have done better, but with the lack of time outside of the classroom that I can dedicate to school I am more than satisfied with these marks.

Now that I am done for the summer I’m looking for some work. So if anyone out there is in need of any website work please get in contact with me. In general I would not be able to work any sort of dedicated shift, but if your project can be a work from home at my own pace I would be a good match. If by chance the pay was enough and it was a job that would take up my whole break than we may be able to work something out. You can see my general resume at www.SandyMcFadden.comand examples of websites I have created at

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