Noggins Farm Nature Trail

Yesterday Jen was not feeling well, so when Ella went down for her afternoon nap Caile and I went to get some groceries. We managed to get a little sidetracked though. Recently I had read that at Noggins Corner Farm there was a Bald Eagles nest with some new born eaglets. The wonderfully friendly staff in the Farm Market gave us one of their walking trail maps and pointed out exactly where the nest could be found on the walk. This was my first time going down the trail and although we didn’t go very far the path seemed to be very well kept.
When we first made it to where an Eagle was in sight another friendly staff member who was out doing maintenance on the trail stopped and talked to us. He explained the best way to get go to ensure we got a good picture of the nest and Eagles.
We did not get to see any of the eaglets, but we did manage to see one of the parents sitting out in plain site and then on our way out went soaring away. Although I didn’t notice it while looking at the nest when we arrived home and were examining the pictures we could see there was another of the parents heads just barely sticking out of their huge home.
Noggins’ website has a web cam setup pointed at the nest and other information about all the other things they have to offer

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