Vacation: Day 6

The last full day of vacation, I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand it will be very nice to sleep in my own bed, get the girls back on a schedule, and have a home cooked meal. But then you have to look at all the things that come a long with being back at home. You have to cook the home cooked meal, then clean up after it. You have to clean the rest of the house. Then there is the getting back to work aspect of being home. I guess this is why vacations are temporary things, they are great for a while, but you need to come back to reality. Maybe if it was possible to split your time more half and half it would be best. Couple weeks normal life, couple weeks vacation and so on.

Today was a very nice day. We started out by heading towards Buffalo, but had to make a stop first. The other day when we were at Kohls Jen and Alex had found some great sneakers for Alex, unfortunately they didn’t have any her size. But Jen found another Kohls store just off our path to Buffalo so we stopped there and they did have Alex’s size. She was very excited to get her Hannah Montana sneakers and free flip flops to go with them.

After the short stop we continued into the city and went to the science museum. We found our way there no problem at all which is always nice. Jen and I didn’t find the museum itself to be all that great, but the girls seemed to have a good time which is all that matters.

Then it was time to leave the museum and that wasn’t the most fun experience that we’ve had. Buffalo is a hard city to navigate through. We ended up in some pretty scary neighbourhoods with buildings all bordered up and stuff like that. Finally we got directions to the main downtown area, but ended up driving around that a number of times before getting directions again, and a map. After we got our bellies full everyone was in much better spirits.

While in Buffalo we wanted to do three things, go to the science museum, check. See some of the sights in the city, check. And go down and check out their water front on Lake Erie, ummm not checked. There seems to be only one road that will take you down to the water front and we simply could not find it. Being at the hotel now, and having the benefit of google map/satellite it is clear how we should get there, but while we were actually driving and using a hand held map we had no luck. So we parked the car and walked around the main downtown part of the city. There are a number of cool buildings there so it was quite interesting.

Later on after a rest at the hotel and waiting out a down pouring of rain we headed back in for supper and to do a little more shopping. I was able to eat at my favorite restaurant tonight, Olive Garden. It was our most expensive meal of the trip, but as far as I’m concerned it was worth it. After supper Jen finally got to go to her shopping paradise, Old Navy. Tell me who got the better end of this deal, she went shopping in Old Navy by herself, while I took the three girls into Toys R Us to pick out a toy each. They were actually very good and of course Jen picked out some nice things for me from Old Navy as well.

Well I guess I should get a good night sleep so we can get a good start on tomorrow and not miss our plane.


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