Vacation: Day 7 – Last Day

Home again home again. After a long day of traveling we are finally at home. There were a few stressful moments on the trip back to the airport, but we made it.

Our goal was to leave the hotel by 10:00 am as we had about an hour an a half drive not including any waits at the border and our flight left at 1:15 pm. It was about 10:15 am so we were doing pretty good. But then about 5-10 minutes down the road I realized that I had left my backpack with our camera and my laptop in the hotel room! So we had to turn back around and ask to get back into the hotel room. I guess it is lucky that we weren’t an hour away when I remembered, but it still was no fun.

The rest of the drive was pretty smooth until we turned off to go to the airport. We missed a turn and drove for about 5 minutes out of the way before realizing and turning back around and taking the right road. It is not cutting things pretty close as we still need to return the rental car and we were hoping to have something to eat before we boarded.

Lunch was interesting, we ended up having Tim Horton’s muffins right before going through security. By the time we got some of the muffins into the girls, used the bathroom and made it through security we were some of the last people to board the plane. When we arrived at the boarding gate before we passed the agent our boarding passes she said, “You must be the McFadden Family.” hahaha. As we had a car seat and booster seat with us for the girls to sit in we really should have been on with the pre-boarding. It was quite fun to squeeze down the isle without bumping people with the seats. But we managed and made it to our row with only moments to spare. The flight itself was quite good, there was a little more turbulence on the way home but nothing too bad. The weather was mostly clear so you could see earth below for most of the way.

We arrived back in Halifax right and got our luggage. It was decided that the best way to get the car would be for me to take the Park N Fly shuttle by myself and then drive it back. The whole process seemed to take forever, and I’m sure even longer than that for Jen who had to wait in the airport with two carts of luggage and three restless girls. We arrived near the very north end of the airport so that is where the family waited, but there is only parking at the south end. So I parked and ran down to get them and we all had to walk the length of the airport back to the car. After finally getting all settled it was about time for some supper. Swiss Chalet became our official last supper of the vacation.

Overall this vacation was very fun. The kids were very well behaved especially seeing as their usual schedule was completely off, two of them were not feeling well, and sleep was no where near the amount they usually get. We managed to see many excellent things and spent lots of time together as a family. Everyone seemed to have a good time and like every vacation we have taken Alex says she is going to live in the Niagara region lol.


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