Touring West Hants

As it is getting very close to school time for Alex and me, which means there are not going to be very many days left that we all have off, we took advantage of today and decided to take a tour of Hantsport and Windsor.

We started off by going to Blue Beach where we walked the beach checking out the many fossils that line the shore. The beach also has a great view of Cape Blomidon. There is also a museum there which has a large collection of neat fossils on display.

From there we headed into downtown Hantsport and took the kids to the playground to play around for a while. We were there once before during a Canada Day celebration and the kids enjoyed it then so we figured we would take them back. We played there for quite a while then headed into Windsor.

We had never been up to see Fort Edward before so we went up there to check out the old Blockhouse which is the only real thing remaining from the Fort. There is also a pretty good view of the Avon River from the Fort grounds. We also discovered a great picnic park right by the tourist bureau that we will have to use next time we are up that way. I’m looking forward to being done school and moving to Windsor I think it will be a great place to call home.


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