Last Weekend

Last weekend was a good family weekend. It started out by meeting up with some family friends in Lunenburg to go to the Fisherman’s Museum. Before they suggested we meet there, neither Jen or I knew it existed even though we had been right beside it a year or two before walking along the Lunenburg waterfront.

Seeing that we did not know it existed we didn’t have great expectations of what it would include, but it was really a pretty good museum. All the kids enjoyed themselves looking at all the old fishing vessels, and gear. The museum has two actual ships that you are able to board and walk through as part of the tour. The girls favorite part would probably be when Alex and Caile were able to help participate in a reinacting of a schooner launch.

After we left Lunenburg we headed back down to our new favorite beach. This time when we were getting ready to leave the car and walk down to the beach the kids told me to make sure I had my keys this time hahaha. As it turns out I remembered the keys, but when we got down to the beach and started unpacking our gear, Jen went to put the sunscreen on the girls but it wasn’t in the bag. I specifically remembered taking it out of one bag in the trunk and putting it into the bad we were taking down to the sand, but it wasn’t there. So back up the car I went. Sure enough, there it was, sitting right on the trunk of the car where I must have left it.

We stayed and played for quite a long time on the beach. Then when we were walking back down the beach towards the car, who was walking towards us, Tiff and Dave. So we put back down our things and stayed for a bit longer. Tiff and I ended up taking a long walk to the very end of the third beach and back, it was quite nice.


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