September Birthdays

The end of September is always a busy month for birthdays. Alex turned nine this year on September 27, and Caile turned four on the 30th. This year they both chose that they wanted to have their party at Roo’s Playhouse in the Greenwood Mall. So for the first time we decided to throw just one party for them both, instead of two separate.

On Alex’s actual birthday we had a family get together for her and Caile here at the house. Only two days before that we had one for Jens Dad as well. For each of these get togethers we had an Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen. During the family get together we had Alex and Caile open their gifts from family. This made them happy and we didn’t have to lug a bunch of presents to open to Roos. Ella got a little jealous watching them open presents and there not being any for her.

Then on the 28th we had their party with friends at Roos. It is a great spot for a mixed party because there are really things for children of all ages to do. At one point we divided between older and younger kids, the younger stayed out an played on the equipment and with the toys, while the older kids (myself included) went and played lazer tag. I was quite impressed with the setup they had. It has two levels you can go between and lots of ways you can go to hide or avoid getting hit. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Alex was a little nervous to go in at first but she had a blast. She is also proud to have shot daddy.

For a cake at the Roo’s party we did something a little different. From SuperStore we ordered a cupcake Barbie Ballerina cake. It was 24 cupcakes iced as one big cake. This made it fairly easy, each kid could just have their own cupcake.

Ella was pretty good while Alex and Caile were opening their gifts at this party, but still a little jealous. But then on Cailes actual birthday, the 30th, Mom was taking them both out to pick out their own gifts. We knew this was probably going to get to be enough for Ella so she stayed home with Jen and I while they went shopping, and we put her to bed before they arrived home. The next morning was pretty good for her because while shopping Caile, ever so nice and sweet, asked Grammie Sue, “What about Ella, can we get her something?”. Mom couldn’t resist and let them pick out a baby doll for Ella to have. Then a couple days after that some cards arrived in the mail.

All in all, it made for a pretty busy few days bu everyone had a good time. And the friends party, which we thought could end up being pretty hectic and chaotic was the complete opposite. Everyone was well behaved and everything ran very smoothly.


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