Having Some Autumn Fun

A lot of the time I have a hard time deciding what my favorite season is. Well winter is certainly out of the running but the other three all have their strong points.Spring means the end of winter, that in itself makes it a great season. But also things start getting so green, and everything is growing. The valley especially is a great place to see everything starting it’s life cycle again. Summer, especially these last few years, means no classes. The weather is warm, we can go to the beach, run around in shorts and short sleeves. We usually take our big family vacation in the summer. It doesn’t get dark till late at night.Ah Autumn, if I lived anywhere else other than the Valley I don’t know if I would enjoy fall so much. But living here there are so many great and fun things to do. If you asked me today or over the weekend I would have to say that Autumn was my favorite.

This weekend was a great family weekend. Maybe I appreciate it so much because when planning it, I wasn’t sure I would be able to go with the rest of the family because of the piles of school work that I had to complete. But after pulling a very late night, and then early morning, I was able to get a lot of it done and go out and enjoy. Saturday we met up with the Fields family and went and picked apples at Elderkins in Wolfville. We did this last year too the kids enjoy it so much, and really the grownups do as well. From their we went to Noggins Corner Farm and spent the afternoon letting the kids run around and have a good time.

Then we headed into the pumpkin patch to let the girls each pick out their own pumpkin. Caile and Ella found theirs very quickly, but Alex had to make sure she found just the right one. After everyone expended some energy and found their pumpkins, we took a wagon ride around their property. It goes out through their orchards and corn fields. It is very relaxing sitting back and taking in the beautiful fall scenery in the Valley.

Sunday we were out checking out the pumpkin people in Kentville. We made it around to a few displays. The kids love getting out and seeing all the creative designs. After that we made our way to Hennigars for an ice cream and a walk around the park.

Autumn in the Annapolis Valley is certainly one of my favorite times of the year. The one downfall it has though, is that it reminds me that winter is on it’s way.


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