Canadian Political Mess

Let me start by saying that by no means am I loyal to one political party in Canada. In fact, in the last three elections I have voted for three different parties.

This current situation, which our elected leaders are putting us in, is completely ridiculous and just causes me to feel more anger towards each party.

If governed properly I believe a minority government is the most ideal form of government to have, but unfortunately Mr. Harper does not know how to do this. For his whole time in power he has treated the government as if he has had a majority. The other parties knew they could not win an election and therefore refused to defeat him. As a result this allowed him to continue to govern this way. In a minority setting all parties should work together and compromise. In the end this should force them to agree on things which will be work for the majority of Canadians.

In no way am I endorsing the fact that the minority parties are trying to take power without being elected to do so, but Harper has not really left them much of an option.

I really don’t know what the answer to this problem is. I know I don’t want another election, as I don’t feel any of the current leaders deserve to be in power. I don’t want non elected parties to govern for us. And finally, I don’t want to have Harper to continue running our Country as if we gave him a majority.

Maybe the best option would be for the would be coalition to force the Conservatives to meet a few demands and then not topple the government.
1. Remove Harper from his post.
2. Put a new leader in his place who will govern knowing they hold a minority.
3. Come up with a viable economic plan that isn’t designed to mainly further their own parties interests instead of Canada’s interests.

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