Eating Troubles

Even though I’m basically six months into this journey I still have severe issues with food. It really is like some sort of addiction. I think quitting smoking years ago was easier than quitting my bad eating habits.

Certainly after six months of no smoking I didn’t crave it anymore. I could be around other people smoking and it didn’t bother me or cause me to want one.

This past week has been really rough. Part of the reason is in the pictures above. There have been four birthdays celebrated at my house this week and my wife has made amazing treats for each of them (I only had pictures of three).

My biggest problem with eating is portion size though. You should be able to have treats like this from time to time without it affecting weight loss at all. It’s good to treat yourself. My problem is I have big pieces, and then go back for more.

Being on the 5:2 diet I’m pretty sure my stomach has shrunk which should help matters but I need to get used to it. The past two days I’ve had too big of portions of supper even. To the point where I actually physically hurt when I’m done. I really need to learn to take less and slow down when eating. That way my body can tell me I’m full before I jam to much food, that I don’t need, into me.

2 thoughts on “Eating Troubles

  1. This is so true. I have been trying to change my eating habits on several occasions, however usually don’t make it past a week. I think food is a serious addiction, salad is no match for grease and sugar.


    1. If you have time check out the podcast I linked to in a previous post It’s easier to give up heroin than obesity.

      They say, and it makes sense, that unlike smoking/drinking/drugs/gambling most other things people get addicted to, you still have to eat. The others you can give up completely and never look back. However eating is something we have to do so it’s much easier to fall back into bad habits.


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