Beach Day

Today was the first beach day that I’ve had since losing all this weight and it was fantastic.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Just a few fluffy clouds in the sky and the sun shining. The temperature was pretty close to 30° C.

There was a couple great moments for me today, the first one was when me and two of my kids hoped in a little inflatable boat to head down the river and we all actually fit in comfortably. If this had of been last summer it would have been tight and awkward.

The next big thing was when we got to the lake. I’m so used to being so self conscious when it comes to the beach. I hated taking my shirt off with other people around. Even though I know I’m in much better shape and at a pretty decent weight I still had those feelings for the first few minutes as I stood around with my shirt on watching the kids run out into the water.

I had to actually remind myself that I wasn’t the same person I was last summer. I still have extra weight on of course, but really not much to be ashamed of with my shirt off. So off it came and out into the water I went. It was a great feeling coming to that realization. I know I should have been comfortable with who I was no matter my weight and not worry about what other people thought of me, but I really couldn’t help it. I wasn’t happy with myself was the biggest part I’d say.

I still have a ways to go before I’m completely satisfied with how I look with no shirt on, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come. So today I went shirtless and felt good about it! Looking forward to spending many more days like today where I can just be me and have a great time with my friends and family instead of being insecure. And as the summer goes on I’ll just keep getting in better and better shape and losing more weight until I get to where I want.  Can’t wait for that day too.

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