Making my way to 80

With my weigh in this morning I’ve busted over another barrier, down from 189 to 186. This puts me at 72 lbs lost since January 1st, 2014.

When I hit 80 lbs lost, which is getting closer and closer, that will finally put me in a BMI of being healthy. It will still be the high end of healthy, but I will no longer be classified as overweight.

I know BMI isn’t everything and it is just a calculation based on height and weight but I think it is a pretty good goal to have. At this point I still have a fairly good roll around my abdomen and with only 8 lbs to go I doubt it’s going to be gone. But once I hit that healthy weight threshold I’ll concentrate less on losing weight and more on building muscle again.

Hopefully this will keep me in the healthy weight range but also get rid of the roll. I’m getting very excited, but will be even more excited when the belly roll is gone.

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