New Belt

Not too long ago I broke down and bought a new belt. I really didn’t want to. I’d had that belt for many years and I wanted to keep it as a reminder of how far I’ve come.

It got a little ridiculous though having a huge amount of belt sticking out and flapping around. So I ordered a new belt. Well I must not have picked the right size. I thought large would be right, but I’m already on the last hole of this belt now. When I first got it I think I was on the third last, which should have been my hint that I got the wrong size.

Maybe I’ll take this opportunity, seeing as I’m likely going to need a new belt again soon, to just visit the leather shop and get them to cut my old belt and add a bunch of new holes in it for me.

That way I can keep the amount they cut off as the reminder, and have my favourite belt back as well.


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