Traveling Day


Nova StarWe had quite the day of traveling yesterday. We had the alarm set for 4:30am to make sure we had everything ready to leave the house by 6:00am.

Things went pretty smooth except shortly after leaving the house we had to turn around because I forgot the laptop. However, we made it to Yarmouth right on time to catch the ferry.

The NovaStar was overall a pretty pleasant experience. The kids all enjoyed the fact that they could move around and not be trapped in the car for that long portion of the trip.
Everyone of the staff members we interacted with was extremely nice and helpful.


Yarmouth LighthouseOne of the activities for the kids was a scavenger hunt. Part of it was to find three different ways to say “hello” by talking to staff and finding out their first language and how to say hello in it. They all dealt with the kids like pros.

If I had two suggestions to make it would be to have more in the kids area including places for parents to sit, and a wider array of movies. The other would be to have places to charge your devices. All outlets were European and needed adapters. They did have some to borrow but they seemed to run out quickly.

It was a long ride though and we didn’t get into Portland until 7:00pm local time. By the time we got off and through customs it was after 8:00. We rushed to the mall and to the T-Mobile store to setup a prepaid plan.

From there we set out driving. With my sister following behind in her car we purposely neglected to tell her that we would be driving through the city of Boston to get to our cottage.

She was pretty nervous about the trip in general, but was a champ the whole way. We made it to our cottage in Wareham MA by about 12:30am and had everyone unloaded and in beds by 1:00.

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