Healthy on Vacation

Coming on vacation had me a little worried about staying in a good routine. Running would still be relatively easy if I could get myself out of bed. However eating proper had me concerned.

So far that hasn’t been a problem. We’ve been packing lunches and coming back to the cottage for supper, so it’s been working out really well. In fact I’ve likely been snacking a whole lot less because of it. This morning I went for my first run and did 5k around the neighborhood our cottage is in. It’s a pretty nice area and running is a good way to get to see some of it.

The other thing that bothers me is that this is going to be the first Wednesday since New Years that I haven’t weighed in. I could of course find a scale, but I’ve used the same scale every week and I’m scared another one wouldn’t be calibrated the same.

Hopefully when I do get home and step on I’ll be at my goal. It very well could happen I’d say.

We did a bit of shopping yesterday and I bought a pair of size 32 shorts. I can’t believe I wore size 44 at one point in time.

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