Going Through Tech Withdrawal

Before we left for this vacation I knew one part was going to be rough for me in particular. It’s a very rare occasion where I’m not able to pull out my phone and be connected to everyone and everything.

Traveling to the US with a Canadian cell phone makes that very cost prohibitive. Luckily my wife has an unlocked phone so when we arrived in of the first things we did was to sign up for a prepaid account for her phone.

But that’s her phone, and besides where we are staying the signal is not great so it’s in and out. I find myself going through a bit of a withdraw. Even though I’m obviously still able to post blog updates and check email and social networks now and again, it’s sad how not having that constant connection is so noticeable and unpleasant.

During the day isn’t even so bad. But once the kids are in bed, or when we are trying to plan something for the day, it becomes annoying.

I’m hoping after a week of this I’ll be better, but that will be just in time to go home and be back to my connected world.

For now I’ll just enjoy my family and try to relax and enjoy this time away.



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