So little time, so much work

Currently I’m in my third week of working two jobs and so far things are going pretty well, but I don’t think it’s anything I could handle long term. Working all day then going home and working some more makes for long days. Throw in working close to full days on the weekends as well and it hasn’t left me much of the Life side of the Life Work Balance.

My family is amazing and they are all making sacrifices to allow me to do this. The most of course being my amazing wife. While I ensure I have had some time to go out on family outings when it comes to the day to day running of the house, including chores etc, she is doing even more than her usual large piece. But we know this is for the best so we’re all willing to do what it takes for the short term.

Luckily both my full time job and the part time are very flexible when it comes to me needing to make adjustments. Of course working in the Library I need to be here in case something goes wrong that I have to physically go and look at or deal with, but if I need to take a vacation day or work a little extra here and take some time off there, it’s not a big deal. The part time job I get to do from my home and choose my own hours so this part just works.

Someday I’ll write more and talk about he part time stuff I’m doing as it’s really great and has actually caused me to step up my game in other aspects of my life. They say if you need something done to ask a busy person and I believe this is absolutely true. Being busy forces you to plan better and I actually feel sometimes like I’m more productive in the other parts of my life. Maybe because you know you don’t have extra time so procrastination just can’t happen. You hustle and get the things done that need to be done.

Because of this it’s been a bit since I’ve written here. Let’s give a bit of an update.

  • My last post was about pumpkin pie. We ate it, it was delicious.
  • As part of my health transformation I’ve taken up running. On Oct. 12, 2014 I ran my first 10K race in the local Valley Harvest Marathon. I did it in 55 minutes. Not my best time, but with a knee injury I was happy with it.
  • I talked about our rabbits before. This morning we discovered one of them had past away. I had some very sad kids, especially my oldest as she is the one who looks after them and found it this morning. 😦

I think these are the main points of interest. I’m going to try to keep writing more and make time for this in my schedule as well.

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