Snowman love, as long as it’s indoors

My wife hates winter, and in particular snow. That’s pretty rough seeing as we live where we do.

It’s turned into a running joke with all the kids she looks after and their families. Snow really is a four letter word. Whenever it snows the kids laugh and say Jen’s going to be so mad, or it’s doing the bad word outside.

The funny part is that she loves decorating with snowmen in the winter. She went shopping today and came home with another one.

Here’s a some of the ones we have around the house.

One thought on “Snowman love, as long as it’s indoors

  1. Cheerful! I can’t say I am a fan of winter myself and I have a love/hate relationship with snow. It sure is pretty though. When I am indoors. Under a blanket. Coffee in hand. 🙂


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