Barcelona Team Meetup

I was extremely fortunate enough to spend last week getting to meet and work with my new team in Barcelona Spain. It really was an invaluable experience. Being so new to the company I really appreciate being able to build in person connections with them.  

I’m a pretty introverted person but I really tried to be open and be in conversation with people, but I’m much more comfortable sitting and taking things in. Hopefully I wasn’t to quiet. 

I took some pictures and have shared some below but the don’t really do the city justice. It was beautiful. Even though I don’t speak any Spanish or Catalan everyone was still very friendly and patient with my attempts to communicate. I did end up with some things I don’t think I ordered at restaurants but I was up for experimenting anyway so it worked out well. 

Jen and the kids were surprised that I ate things like octopus and little fish heads and all, but it was all really good. Oh and the ham. There seems to be a whole lot of ham everywhere. 

Many of my co workers have written about our meet up and shared much better pictures than I took. Here is a good roundup. If I missed anyone let me know and I can add it in. 

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